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Alcohol Servers Training & Services (sm)* is New Mexico's leading alc ohol ce rtification provider. Our certification classes are the most comprehensive and professional server education in New Mexico. Many of New Mexico's largest companies depend on Alcohol Server Training (sm)* to certify all their employees.

The New Mexico Alcohol Server Education Act mandates that anyone who serves alcohol, sells alcohol, or manages a liquor licensed premise in New Mexico must become Alcohol Server Certified. Our classes provide all the state-required training, including laws and regulations, effects of alcohol, enforcement practices, and recommendations for owners and managers for safe and responsible alcohol service.

We are authorized to issue immediate certifications after the completion of the class. We offer a convenient, repeating schedule of classes (see CLASS SCHEDULE page).

New Mexico is one of the few States to enact mandatory server certification (NM Statutes Annotated 1978, Chapter 60, Article 6E [see LINKS page]), officially known as the New Mexico Alcohol Server Education Program. The Program is referred to, in popular vernacular, as "alcohol training", "alcohol certification", "alcohol license", and/or "alcohol class". Responsible beverage service training is a valuable public safety program, and benefits the community in many ways. Your feedback on this Program is also of great value. Please contact the Alcohol and Gaming Division (see LINKS page) with your suggestions and comments.

We hope our website, www.asts-nm.com, will provide New Mexico's alcohol servers and sellers with useful licensed beverage training information. Alcohol Server Training
(sm)* is committed to responsible beverage service, and provides superior certification education.

The "LINKS" page provides access to New Mexico State offices and departments involved in licensing and certification, and other alcohol-related websites.
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New Mexico's Alcohol Server Education Program is an important part of DWI Prevention. Alcohol-related problems and DWI crash statistics are alarming. New Mexico's highways are no longer the most dangerous in the U.S., but still rank near the top 10 among all States in alcohol-related crashes by population.

Alcohol Server Training
(sm)* promotes responsible alcoholic beverage service, and contributes through its educational program to saving lives and saving taxpayer dollars. Alcohol Server Training (sm)* is the certification educator of choice by Albuquerque owners, managers, servers and sellers.
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Location for classes: Edit Text
National American University/Webster University
Pinewood Corporate Centre
4775 Indian School Road N.E., 2nd Floor
Classroom 2
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110 Edit Text

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 36433
Albuquerque, NM 87176

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For classes in New Mexico other than Albuquerque, and Bernalillo County, please call Alcohol and Gaming, in Santa Fe, 1-505-476-4875.
Sorry, we can't answer email inquiries about classes outside of Bernalillo Co.
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email: info[AT]asts-nm.com Edit Text
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Legal Disclaimer:
Alcohol Servers Training & Services is not attempting to offer legal advice on this website. For legal questions, contact your attorney or the New Mexico Division of Alcohol and Gaming (see LINKS page). Although we attempt to be as up to date and thorough as possible, ASTS disclaims any liability for any errors or omissions on this website. Please contact us to report any errors or misleading information.
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State of New Mexico websites:

New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department
Homepage for New Mexico Regulations and Licensing Department with links to Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Alcoholic Beverage Control
Home page of the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Individual server lookup
No need to enter data in all the inquiry fields. Entering the last name should be sufficient in most cases.

Alcoholic Beverage Control Forms
Includes DUPLICATE server permit form, for lost Certificates. (Scroll down.) PDF format, printable. State will require $10.00 filing fee.

DUPLICATE server permit form, for lost Certificates

Special Investigations Division (S.I.D.) of the New Mexico Department of Public Safety.
Contact information regarding enforcement of Liquor Control Act laws and regulations, and reporting of offenses.

New Mexico Statutes
CLICK on "NM State Statutes – Revised 7/15/2021" to open in a new window.

Download a copy for your establishment.  Downloaded copies must be on a desktop window that all employees have access to.

Alcoholic Beverage Control Division of New Mexico "Rules and Regulations".

CLICK on "ABC-NMAC Rules-Revised-9/28/2021-Issued 11/9/2021" to open in a new window.

Download a copy for your establishment. Downloaded copies must be on a desktop window that all employees have access to.