Thank you for visiting Alcohol Servers Training & Services (sm*). Since opening our doors in 1998, we have provided what is popularly known as “alcohol training” to thousands of individuals required to complete New Mexico’s Alcohol Server Education class to obtain their Server Permit.  We are an approved provider per the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division (ABC) of New Mexico. Our class covers the state mandated course requirements including: The Effects of Alcohol on the Body; Identifying False Drivers’ Licenses; Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS); Reduction of Drunk Drivers on the Road; Alcohol Related Liability Issues and State Laws concerning the sale and consumption of alcohol.  Upon successful completion of our class, you will receive a Temporary Alcohol Server Permit. The Temporary Server Permit is valid for 120 days from the date you successfully complete the class.

  Our instructor-led virtual class are meant to be engaging and informative and are designed to help you go beyond just the basics to obtain your Server Permit. They also help you to serve alcohol responsibly and legally while on the job. We take pride in providing you with a first class learning experience. Since each class is instructor-led, we are able to accommodate your individual learning style and learning speed, as well as answer your questions in real time. Thank you again for visiting Alcohol Server Training & Services (sm*). We hope we can be a part of your successful career by equipping you with important skills and the knowledge you’ll need for your job.